Monday, 31 August 2015

Tiaras Fight Back!

 I just had to share with you an exciting post that I found on one of my daily blog feeds.  Tiaras have taken a back seat in the fashion stakes over the past few years as a more simplistic fashion approach has been the focus, probably as a result of the huge global economic downturn of resent years.  But it looks like the trend is turning.  

'The Beauty Department' features some stunning contemporary tiaras and headbands in one of their latest posts.  Here the big news is that not only is more exciting, lavish head wear being featured, but it looks like tiaras are making it into fashionistas daily lives and not just being saved for special occasions.

The Beauty Department 'Crystal Crown'
Take a look at the rest of The Beauty Department's blog for some other lovely headbands featuring crystals and gem stones.  Very inspiring with lots of great ideas for your hair.

Time to start jazzing up my daily look!

Louise x

Friday, 14 August 2015

Gloomy days

I would have to say that at the moment I am not very impressed with our 'summer'.  Rain is pouring non stop today and the house is already filling with my children's friends.  Even my dog who is a great fan of wet has not given me any hassle for a morning walk - phew!  On the plus side though, today is a perfect day to get on with my 'granny stripe blanket'.  

I have for some time been following Attic24 on Facebook and fell in love with Lucy's design for a Granny Stripe Blanket which I would have to say looks loads better than mine, but as this is my first attempt at crochet for years - not bad.

I am so glad that I started this project before we went on our family holiday to Brecon as the weather there created the opportunity for me to really get stuck in to my blanket (always look for the silver lining!).   We were lucky though to have a break in the weather and managed to get up Pen y Fan which had spectacular views.

Image from Geograph

The thing I love about my blanket is the way that I can throw any colour at it and somehow it just seems to work which is lucky as unlike Lucy's version (which has the most co-ordinated lovely choice of wool going), mine grew according to what wool I found in the local Brecon knitting or charity shops.  To be honest wool buying joined my other summer addiction of cherry eating and most mornings were spent with a quick recce into Brecon for one or the other, but mainly both.

Image from Pixabay Yum!

Imagine wrapping yourself up in a blanket of endless colour in the depths of winter, to be honest it will probably be the depths of winter by the time I have finished making it!  Watch this space for photos of my finished masterpiece.

But in the mean time here's a picture I took only two days ago for you to remember that the sun does shine - sometimes!

Weymouth Bay, Dorset   

What lovely projects keep you busy during rainy days?  

Louise x